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Individual lessons

COA VBC does offer lessons for individuals wanting one-on-one or small group feedback and instruction.   

There are many coaches in the club that have the experience to help your daughter improve her skills.   For COA club members, the cost is $30 per hour;   NON-COA girls wanting lessons will be $40 per hour.   For small groups, arrangements will need to be made with the coach on cost and the amount of girls participating.

Here is a list of coaches you may contact for lessons:

Coaches ready to help

Coach Ages/Positions Email Phone Number
Dillon Taylor Middle School - All Positions 812-278-1269
Rachel Edwards All Ages 812-870-2116
Mary Alvanos All Ages 843-270-0291
Madison Hill All Ages 812-480-8837
Paige Benskin All Ages 812-239-9163
Melinda Norton All Ages 217-294-1857



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Ali Fell

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