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Social Media Policy

For COACHES, PLAYERS and PARENTS: Any type of social media is no different than a ‘live’ microphone. Whatever you post or tweet will be broadcast across a WIDE AUDIENCE and therefore you must be careful of how your comments can be interpreted by MORE than just your close friends or family. Please review the following recommendations:

1. Use social media as a positive outlet. Posting results and acknowledging a great team performance goes a long way in promoting the club to the community.

2. Manage your account appropriately. Please consider your settings and account options to better control who has access to your comments.

3. Think before you post. Treat your social media posts as if the person is sitting in front of you— do not ‘hide’ behind a screen.

4. If you read other posts where someone is negative, please take the high road. Do not add to the issue. If you disagree with others’ opinions, remain positive and polite.

Violations: Any type of inappropriate social media posts, photos, or comments that demonstrate illegal activity, derogatory comments toward others, or unsportsmanlike drama may result in potential consequences from the COA Board of Directors.

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