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Parent Reps

Team Parent Rep Phone Number
10-Barracudas Joy Mascari 812-243-8975
11-Pirahnas Ashley Long 812-878-9495
11-Rebels Joe Ford 812-239-6051
12-Scorpions Ann Mischler 812-239-0202
12-Hurricane Kalan Ray 419-204-3757
12-Lightning Sarah Wallace 812-878-0004
12-Force Tiffani Ewing 812-230-9798
13-Kangaroos Kathy Canup 765-491-4968
13-Jaguars Rachael Brown 812-878-8142
13-Otters Natalie Ransom 405-343-2187
14-Phoenix Jenny Wright 812-241-6655
14-Vipers Sara Brown 812-201-5793
14-Tigers Michelle Tracy 812-240-3748
14-Great Whites Jennie Bush 812-201-0972
14-Raptors Stephanie Marton 812-605-2022
15-Gophers Kathy Canup 765-491-4968
15-Empire Leslie Batty 765-592-4455
16-Chaos Kelli Kennedy 812-229-5588
16-Rhinos Cassie Jenkins 812-236-3923
16-Pythons Candice McCammon 812-564-0240
16-Cobras Kelly Lenfesty 217-304-6471
17/18-Cyclone April Ross 812-201-7786
17/18-Panthers Reva Eslick 812-878-0091
18 Bluejays (Boys) TBD TBD

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Ali Fell

Ali Fell

Assistant Director / Fundraising Director

Phone: 812-243-8356