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Parent Reps

Parent Rep Contacts

Team Parent Rep Name Phone Number Email Address
10 - Passing Pandas Lynsey Evans 812-249-6443
10 - Barracudas Kathy Canup 765-491-4968
11 - Piranhas Renee Shoults 812-201-2140
12 - Scorpions Kristy Merk 812-243-3832
12 - Scorpions Jamie Faulk 812-236-5520
12 - Hurricane Somer Taylor 812-239-5454
12 - Lightning Michelle Stodden 812-243-5495
13 - Kangaroos Kathy Canup 765-491-4968
13 - Kangaroos Kelli Kennedy 812-229-5588
13 - Jaguars Nikki Allen 765-585-4245
13 - Otters
13 - Toucans
14 - Phoenix Katie Weber 812-230-1684
14 - Vipers Ashley Miley 812-230-9308
14 - Cougars Jennifer Schoffstall 812-208-2292
16 - Chaos Kristy Merk 812-243-3832
16 - Rhinos Lori Fox 812-249-9893
16 - Rhinos Amy Harpold 765-562-2496
16 - Pythons Jenny Ringo 812-240-2445
16 - Cobras Mandie Doran 812-841-2317
16 - Stallions Dawn Varner 812-208-7252
16 - Strikers Tracy Blanc 812-870-0677
16 - Stingerz Sarah Bays 812-201-6507
18 - Cyclones Kelly Engle 217-274-5775
18 - Cyclones Missy Hopper 812-208-5327
18 - Pink Panthers Kristina Runyan 812-243-9159
18 - Pink Panthers Karen Sullivan 812-870-6997
18 - Crossfire Julie Anderson 765-366-0985

Crossroads Of America Volleyball Partners and Affiliates

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Crossroads Of America Volleyball? 

Sponsored by Adidas Apparel

Adidas Apparel

Visit Website


Adidas Apparel will supply COA volleyball players and coaches with footwear, apparel, uniforms, and accessories through the 2022 club season!  Thanks Adidas!

Ironhorse logo element view

Ironhorse Steel Detailing

Thanks to Ironhorse detailing for their generous sponsorship and support of youth volleyball in the Wabash Valley!  Call them for all your steel detailing needs! 812-939-3300.

Sponsored by Timberland Lumber Company

Timberland Lumber Company

Visit Website

Thanks to our friends at Timberland Lumber Company for all of your support!  Go see them for your residential and commercial building product needs!

Sponsored by Old National Bank

Old National Bank

Visit Website

Thanks to our friends at Old National Bank for their support of COA Volleyball Club!

Sponsored by Terre Haute Convention & Visitors Bureau

Terre Haute Convention & Visitors Bureau

Visit Website


Thanks to the Terre Haute Convention Center and Visitor's Bureau for granting COA volleyball club an award to assist us in bringing travel volleyball tournaments to the Wabash Valley. 

Sponsored by Crane Credit Union

Crane Credit Union

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Thanks to Crane Credit Union for your sponsorship of our club.  Make sure to check them out for your upcoming banking needs!

Sponsored by Become a sponsor

Become a sponsor

Visit Website

Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Crossroads Of America Volleyball and support youth in your area.

Ali Fell

Ali Fell

Fundraising Director

Phone: 812-243-8356